Current Technical Working Groups

Program 1: DATAbank

Research lead: Dr Rod Polkinghorne, Birkenwood Pty Ltd

The Global DATAbank provides secure housing for data from thousands of consumer tests carried out around the world, that have all used the same testing protocols.

Benefits of the DataBank

"We continue to work with key international research organisations to develop global standards for consumer
testing and grading methodologies within a United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) framework.
We are co-founders of a collaborative global Eating Quality DATAbank to deliver consistent eating quality
to beef consumers around the world. "
Dr Rod Polkinghorne
Birkenwood Pty Ltd, Chair of Scientific Reference Group

DataBank concept

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"Similar to the Australian consumer sensory protocols, international research is moving toward assessment using untrained consumers.
If we want to better satisfy normal consumers, we need to use untrained consumers in our research. It would be hugely beneficial
to set up a robust global data bank to share research findings internationally and take into account diversity."
Dr Jean-Francois Hocquette
French National Institute of Agricultural, Food and Environment Research (INRAE)