About Foundation

We are here to help farmers and beef industry to satisfy a consumer!

"The International Meat research Foundation has been established to help farmers
and the beef industry satisfy the consumer."
Jerzy Wierzbicki
Chairman, International 3G Research Foundation

What is the Foundation?

The Foundation is a collaborative, independent, not-for-profit international eating quality research platform. It is linked to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Specialized Section on Meat.

What does it aim to do?

Improve consumer satisfaction of meat products through fostering the application of global collaborative meat research knowledge throughout supply chains.

How this will be achieved

  • Collaborative international research applied to commercial description and trading of beef
  • Collaborative international research for consumer sensory evaluation applied for continuous improvement in beef grading systems.
  • Facilitating the availability of eating quality tools, protocols and software to underpin collaborative projects and knowledge transfer.
  • A global DATAbank of meat research data from participating countries to foster continuous improvement in eating quality prediction

The Council

The Council is a body which makes decisions, monitors the activity and assesses the work of the Foundation.

Jerzy Wierzbicki


President of Polish Beef Association

Sarah Strachan

Member of the Council

Group Manager – Meat Livestock Australia

Dr Rod Polkinghorne

Member of the Council

Leader of Meat Standard Australia project

Jean Luc Meriaux

Member of the Council

John Webster

Member of the Council

Management Board

Marcin Adamczyk

President of the Management Board

Scientific Reference Group

Foundation members of the SRG are countries who have data based on MSA protocols. These would include representatives from Poland (PBA/SGGW), Northern Ireland (AFBI), USA (Texas Tech), Ireland (Teagasc), Australia (MLA), France (INRAE), England (AHDB).

Dr Rod Polkinghorne

Project Leader of the Scientific Reference Group

Rod Polkinghorne was appointed Project Leader of the Scientific Reference Group. This position would be funded to provide governance.

Dr Jean-François Hocquette (INRAE)

Leader of the Ontology Technical Working Group

Since 1991, Dr JF Hocquette has been a research scientist at INRA (the French National Institute for Agricultural, Food and Environment Research). His research interest mainly concerns muscle biology as relevant to muscle growth and beef eating quality. Dr Hocquette is the President of the Cattle Study Commission of EAAP (European Federation of Animal Science) and he is editor-in-chief of the French R&D Meat Journal, Viandes & Produits Carnés.

Dr Linda Farmer

Leader of Flavour Technical Working Group

Head of Food Research Branch in AFBI.
AFBI Food Research Branch is a recognised centre of expertise on the management and prediction of eating quality and flavour of meat and we are collaborating with colleagues across Europe, USA and Australia.
email: linda.farmer@afbini.gov.uk